The employment team specializes in providing both companies and private clients with the necessary guidance to act legally in the workplace. Having some multinational companies as clients, the employment team is fully prepared and qualified to provide legal assistance both to foreign companies based in Portugal or abroad and to Portuguese companies as well. Our employment specialist has an Advanced Certificate in Employment Law from the UK as well as a Post Graduate and a Master Grade in Portuguese Employment Law.

The Employment team deals with several day-to-day issues occurring in the workplace often on a retainer basis covering legal opinions, drafting employment contracts as well as other internal communications.

We are also often appointed by clients to conduct disciplinary

proceedings. We collect the statements of witnesses, draft the necessary reports, and produce the final decision, setting the applicable penalty which may range amongst others, from a verbal or written warning, to a suspension without pay, or a dismissal with fair reason. Representation of both the employers and the employees in negotiation settings and employment arbitrations are amongst the wide range of services provided.

We are often appointed by employees to represent them in negotiations for termination of employment contracts, defending of disciplinary proceedings, replying to redundancy notifications (individual and/or collective) and to provide them with legal information in general.

Due to the vast experience of the firm with major clients the employment team has also been

involved in due diligences covering the legal aspects of employment on a transfer of business.

Legal representation in Employment Tribunals is also provided whenever required as well as legal advice both in Portuguese and EU regulations on employment matters.

We also attend meetings before official entities as well as Unions and Employment Associations.

Given the recent market demands, the department has created a new service – the Legal Employment Check-Up – in which an extensive study of a company’s contracts will take place and a report on the current employment situation will be issued, providing various suggestions and possible alterations to be implemented within the company as to maximize our clients’ full work potential.