December 18, 2020 - Comments Off on Portuguese Nationality

Portuguese Nationality

The amendments to the Law of Nationality have now been formally approved by Parliament and ratified by the President and are effective since 11 th November 2020.

One of the main changes is related to nationality for children born in Portugal. In accordance with the new terms of the law, Portuguese nationality by origin is obtained by children born in Portugal provided that at least one of the parents is a legal resident of Portugal for at least one year. This change is a reduction of the minimum residency of parents from two years to just one year.

In addition, the amendments also establish the possibility of obtaining Portuguese citizenship to any foreign citizens who have a Portuguese second degree ancestor (i.e. grandparent) via declaration attesting such intention and proving the effective connection to the Portuguese community. This connection is confirmed simply by showing sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language and absence of criminal activities or conviction.

It should also be noted that the Public Authorities are no longer able to oppose to the application for nationality on the grounds of absence of the effective connection to Portugal for cases of marriage or common law partnership that has lasted for more than 6 years or if the couple has common children of Portuguese nationality.

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December 2020