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We are happy to report that one of our first clients that invested in Portugal and was
granted residency through the Golden Visa programme has now obtained his
Portuguese citizenship. The citizenship application was submitted in October 2018,
subsequently to the reduction of the minimum residency time to apply for
nationality from 6 to 5 years, and has finally been approved by the Civil Registrar.

Our now fellow citizen complied with the minimum stay requirements associated with
the Golden Visa programme, including the minimum stay requirement of 7 and 14 days
and at the end of the 5 years, after obtaining his A2 certificate in Portuguese language,
requested and received his permanentresident status. Subsequently, once all the
necessary documents were obtained, we submitted his citizenship application, which
has now been approved.

The approval is simply a confirmation of EDGE’s position since the beginning of the
programme, which has always been that all residents are entitled to apply for and obtain
Portuguese citizenship after 5 years, whether such residency is obtained through
the Golden Visa programme or through other categories.

EDGE has been involved with the Golden Visa programme since the beginning and
has now assisted over 2,500 investors and their families of more than 30 different
nationalities. Our vast experience has allowed us to provide full and dedicated
support to our clients, from the initial investment all the way to citizenship.
Lisbon, 17 th December 2019

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