July 29, 2020 - Comments Off on Flights to Portugal – New Measures

Flights to Portugal – New Measures

The Portuguese government has just released an update to the regulations and restrictions applicable for flights to and from Portugal. This update follows the recommendations for the EU on flights and travel.

The new measures are divided between three main groups of travelers:
The first group includes all countries of the EU and some non-EU countries, including
Australia, Canada, China and a few others. For this first group access to Portugal is totally free and passengers can enter Portugal without any restrictions.

The second group includes travelers from all other countries. For these, it is mandatory to
have a negative Covid-19 test result done within a maximum of 72 hours before the date of
departure. In addition, travelling is limited to essential reasons (professional, study, family
reunion, health or humanitarian reasons) and for the return of citizens or residents of Portugal.

The last group applies to flights for the return of Portuguese citizens or flights from Portuguese peaking African countries where it is hard to secure tests before departure. In these cases, passengers will have to carry out a test on arrival, either at the airport or in a facility indicated by the authorities.

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July 2020